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Sound Healing: bathing in crystal singing bowls

We never evolved to have earlids.

Our eyes get a break from the barrage of stimuli but we wouldn't have survived if we couldn't hear and detect danger at night. Now we can lock doors and turn on alarms, assuring safety. You can consider trying earplugs when you sleep to help get an aural break, but you can also do a sound bath.

For the majority of the time we humans have been on this planet, we saw about 1K people in our lifetime and processed a tiny fraction of the data we are now taking in through our eyes and ears. It's an onslaught of information and choices. Every time we make a choice, it uses up glucose in the brain and fatigues it. Scrolling through social media, articles, and online shopping is all just too much.

We can close our eyes and stop the onslaught, but since it's tough to give our ears a break, one way for an aural cleanse is a sound bath. The aural cleanse gives our brain a break and we feel rejuvenated.

Sometimes I'm asked by new sound bathers if they should wear a bathing suit. Being bathed in sound also all the gunk, the crap, the shit, be washed off of us. We can walk out of a sound bath feeling cleansed. But we aren't doing it with water, just sound.

Sound baths deeply calm the nervous system, quiet the mind, and allow us to connect with a part of ourselves that is usually covered and clouded by all the noise in our daily lives. This hidden part of ourselves is our highest self. This is the unbreakable, indestructible self that is beyond ego and fear.

Rumi wrote, "Listen to the sound waves within you." Sound baths help us hear those internal sound waves.

Click here to learn more about our sound healing opportunities.

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