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Protecting and promoting adolescent mental health so that today's students become tomorrow's changemakers

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Our mission is to empower students with information and tools they can use anytime and anywhere to shift how they think, feel, and act in real-time. Watch our intro video below where students learn a bit more about "the why" behind the Rebel Human program.

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Survey responses from teachers who have taught Rebel Human practices to approximately 3,600 students


“They've helped me regulate overwhelming emotions that I feel throughout the day.”

10th Grader

“They've helped me get a new perspective on how to cope with anxious situations.”

11th Grader

“They have helped me look at things from a non-judgmental perspective. Overall, being able to see things as they are has lowered my anxiety.”

10th Grader

“I had a big test and I was really stressed out, even though I studied. We did Rebel Human in class, and I felt calm and confident in myself, and did well on the test.”

10th Grader

“It's helped me work on my negative thoughts and my anxiety. It's helped me relax my mind and body.”

12th Grader

“These practices have helped me stay calm in stressful situations.”

9th Grader

“Rebel Human practices have allowed me to be less stressed through an increased awareness of myself and body.”

12th Grader

“It helps me to change my negative thinking and it helps me to be myself instead of code switching.”

9th Grader

“I used diaphragmatic breathing before starting a presentation. The presentation was the best one I had ever done.”

10th Grader

“It's made me a lot better at breathing when I get stressed, and especially calming myself down when I'm panicked.”

9th Grader

“They helped me become clear headed.”

11th Grader

When I did Rebel Human practices in class, I felt ready to tackle the day. Though that may sound cliché, I truly did feel prepared and more optimistic. I also felt calmer and less anxious.”

11th Grader

“They've helped me outside of school manage with pain from my chronic illness.”

10th Grader

“Rebel Human practices have helped me a lot in frustrating classroom situations.”

9th Grader

“I am able to control my breathing better which helps me with regaining focus on tasks and not freaking out when stressed.”

11th Grader

“My math class has used Rebel Human practices and they help me feel more calm about what we are learning and less stressed.”

11th Grader

“Rebel Human practices have helped me focus this year.”

9th Grader

“They've been incredible tools with the reduction of my anxiety. I love them.”

11th Grader

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Paul Goren currently serves as the director of the Center for Education Efficacy, Excellence and Equity, and as chief strategy advisor and lecturer for the Northwestern University School of Education and Social Policy.

Between 2014-2019, he was Superintendent of Schools for the Evanston/Skokie (IL) School District 65, where he implemented early literacy curricular reforms, established climate teams and approaches to social/emotional learning and restorative justice in every building, and led a robust equity agenda that included racial identity training for 1400 employees over a 2-year period.


Prior to joining District 65, Goren was the Senior Vice President for Program at the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) in Chicago. Previously, he served for over a decade as Senior Vice president of the Spencer Foundation and as a Program Director for Child and Youth Development at the MacArthur Foundation. 


Dr. Michael Allen was Principal of Oakton Elementary School in District 65 where he implemented school-wide mental health skills training. For his work at Oakton, he was named Elementary Principal of the Year (North Cook Region) by the Illinois Principals Association. This prestigious award recognizes school principals who have demonstrated a positive impact on their students, and on their learning community.

In 2020, Dr. Allen and his brother published the middle-grade book, “Brotherly Love.” The book, which they wrote together, tells their inspiring, true story, and addresses themes such as hope, vulnerability, mental health, and the power of mentorship.

Currently. Dr. Allen serves as an Educational Leadership Consultant for Illinois Principals Association, and is in the 2022 IMPACT cohort at Chicago Urban League.


After receiving a doctorate in Clinical Psychology at University of Vermont, Dr. Bolton completed his internship at Children’s Memorial Hospital (now Lurie’s Children’s Hospital) in 1995. His strong belief in a system’s power to help people change, led him to work in therapeutic schools as a school psychologist while maintaining a small private practice. He then spent 14 years as principal of North Shore Academy, a school for students with significant emotional and behavioral issues in Highland Park.


Dr. Bolton’s work in schools has focused on helping students identified with social and emotional disabilities to co-create a vibrant and connected school community that enables them to overcome their challenges and to more fully engage in their home, school and local community.


Currently, he is a School Consultant and Psychologist at Formative Psychological Services, and a frequent speaker at schools across the Midwest along with FAN (Family Action Network).


Originally from South Africa, Dr. Stasia Rouse is a practicing neurologist and clinical educator serving as Assistant Professor at Loyola University Medical School. She currently serves as Vice Chair of diversity, equity and inclusion and Associate Resident Program Director in Loyola University Medical Center Neurology department in Maywood.

Between 2014 and 2018 Stasia did her second neurology residency at Loyola University Medical Center, her first being in South Africa at the University of Witwatersrand from 2002-2005. After running a busy solo neurology practice in Fourways, Johannesburg, she relocated with her family to Chicago in 2011 where she did stroke research prior to entering neurology residency.


In 2018 and 2019 she completed an Epilepsy fellowship at Rush University Medical Center.


Lester Coney serves as an Executive Vice President in the Mesirow Office of the Chairman. Les has more than 35 years of experience in the financial services industry. Prior to joining Mesirow, Les served as Aon’s National Sales Director.

Les was the first African American Chairman of the Goodman Theatre’s board and named a Life Trustee. His passion for the arts and civic betterment have led him to serve as a current Trustee for the Art Institute of Chicago, as well as a board member for both the Miami City Ballet and the Dikembe Mutombo Foundation.


Les is honored to be a former Trustee of Lincoln University (PA) and President Barack Obama's National Finance Committee member in both 2008 and 2012.

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Destini is a college student studying kinesiology, and a yoga teacher. She has served as an adolescent mentor at YMCA’s MetaMedia Lab for three years.