​Schools need access to an easily integrated program that empowers their students to work with and understand their emotions, manage their stress and anxiety, strengthen their resilience, develop self-confidence and self-worth, build equanimity, and navigate these uncertain times​. Given the dramatic increases in depression, anxiety, and self-harm, now is the time for schools to implement regular, daily, school-wide wellness protocols, and we are here to help.


Rebel Human® for Schools is a video-based learning environment that allows educators to easily incorporate meditation, mindfulness, and social and emotional learning into their school’s 6-12 curriculum. 


Designed by experts in the field, Rebel Human for Schools integrates social and emotional learning (SEL) with foundational practices and vetted neuroscientific findings, allowing for a skills-based and experiential approach to social and emotional well-being.


Rebel Human for Schools teaches practical tools that help students gain autonomy over their level of autonomic arousal, their self-concept, and their emotional state so they can live healthier, more meaningful, and more connected lives.

Rebel Human for Schools was developed by Jenny Arrington and Tait Medina, Ph.D. You can read more about them HERE.


If we want to change our physiology in real time we need to use things that are both under our control AND connected to the autonomic nervous system. These are our entry points for change. Breath, focus, movement, and self-talk are these entry points. These are the “dials you can turn” in any given moment to dramatically change how you show up for your life.


Rebel Human for Schools teaches students how to understand, work with, and gain autonomy over these entry points so they can shift their level of autonomic arousal, their self concept, and their emotional state. When these practices are paired with non-sleep deep rest (NSDR), new neural connections are made, resulting in an “updated operating system” that can better navigate the complexities and uncertainties of life.

This program is not just calming students down. This program is giving students skills to use for the rest of their lives, in any given moment, in myriad situations. 


The practices taught in Rebel Human for Schools are not dependent upon a particular “quiet room” or a particular teacher. They are designed to be accessible to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. Our goal is to democratize and demystify these practices. These tools should not just be in the toolkits of C-suite executives, nor should they be dependent on a particular time, place, or person.


Too many wellness programs rely on a special room, teacher, workbook, or video. Although we are a video-based learning environment, once these simple, efficient, and powerful tools are learned they can be taken with the student out into the world and used any where and at any time. The practices we teach make use of mechanical manipulations of the breath, simple use of mantra (positive self-talk), movement, and eye focus. The goal is for students to become so familiar with these tools that they know which to employ at any given moment depending on how they feel, what they need, and the situation at hand.


This program would’ve been a “nice to have” 25 years ago. Today, this is an emergency intervention. Students’ anxiety, depression, and self-harming behaviors are at an all time high. Self-harming increased 99% over the pandemic


Decades of research demonstrate that SEL and meditation and mindfulness increases prosocial behavior, decreases emotional distress, reduces conduct problems, and improves academic performance. You can read more about this research HERE. But, despite the overwhelming evidence of the positive impact of SEL, the organizational structure of schools makes it difficult to implement SEL and SEL-supportive approaches such as meditation and mindfulness. The Rebel Human for Schools program is unique in that it provides over 100 short, engaging, and experiential video lessons that can be easily integrated into the classroom, having a big impact on social and emotional development, without taking time away from academics. Our program can also serve as an alternative to detention, helping the kids who need it the most heal from trauma and develop new skills, competencies, and strategies.


Given the unprecedented disruptions of the 2020 school-year, wellness and social-emotional support is an URGENT need. Without targeted efforts to help students manage stress, anxiety, and uncertainty, the multiple competing pressures of 2020 will have lasting deleterious effects. Compared with 2019, the proportion of mental health-related visits for teens to the ED increased 31% in 2020, and a recent study found that 7 out of 10 teens were struggling with their mental health. ​The disruptions and trauma of the 2020 school year have left teens disconnected from their support systems and structures, leaving them particularly vulnerable and unmoored.


Rebel Human for Schools includes 1) a video-based interactive teacher training program (TTP), 2) a library of over 50 bite-sized and fun video lessons that reinforce and expand on the core lessons in the TTP, 3) an alternative to detention program, and 4) personalized support.

  • TEACHER TRAINING: A video-based and interactive course of approximately 35 short videos. The TTP trains teachers in the Rebel Human approach so that they can in turn comfortably and expertly guide students through the core concepts and practices. The TTP includes:​

    • training in the 5 dials (breath, movement, eye focus, self-talk, and non-sleep deep rest) and how they can be used to shift level of autonomic arousal, self-concept, and emotional state

    • training in the 16 core practices

    • training in SEAC (Stop. Exhale. Attend. Connect) our key tool for navigating the challenging moments in life

    • cues and modifications for each practice to help support and engage all students

    • succinct explanations for each practice that get to the “why”

    • background information on the neuroscience of each practice

    • accompanying scripts and supporting materials

    • supporting research and resources

    • answers to FAQs they will likely hear from students

  • LIBRARY: Includes over 50 bite-sized and fun videos that reinforce and expand on the TTP. These videos can be used directly by students and are a resource for teachers and support staff such as social workers and school psychologists. These video lessons reinforce our "5-dials approach" and help students develop skills in emotion regulation, stress management, equanimity, resilience, self-advocacy, and more. One category of videos called SETTLE IN can be used by any teacher to begin and end any class. These videos are designed to help students calm their nervous system and focus their attention at the beginning of class and provide a short guided non-sleep deep rest (NSDR) exercise to be used at the end of class to help students integrate all that they learned and prepare to transition to their next class or activity. ​

  • REPAIR THE HARM: A reimagining of detention. We combined an understanding of restorative justice, psychology, neuroscience, neurocoaching, and mindfulness practices to develop a program that guides students through a carefully timed set of videos that are culturally grounded and appropriate for their emotional and psychological state. The data show that when social emotional and somatic practices are taught to kids in detention and during suspension, the number of students in detention drastically decreases. In Baltimore, the number of students in suspension went to zero


  • PERSONALIZED SUPPORT: Rebel Human for Schools includes live training sessions for teachers to support and guide them through the TTP as well as school-wide posters that help develop a shared vocabulary and emphasize core concepts and practices of the program.


  • Onboarding meeting with stakeholders


  • Access to Rebel Human for Schools Teacher Training Program, Library, and Repair the Harm


  • Development and hosting of your private Rebel Human for Schools webportal


  • Live training session for teachers at your school


  • Guidebook that includes core concepts, definitions, description of video lessons, a "when to use" guide, supplemental exercises, supporting materials, and discussion questions


  • Mid-program check-in with stakeholders to discuss impressions, usage, and reception


We view wellness through the lens of building Rebel Humans. A Rebel Human is someone who:   

  • can advocate for themself and others

  • has strength and clarity of purpose

  • creatively reimagines the status quo

  • challenges harmful and limiting internal and external norms

  • finds novel solutions to intractable problems

  • has the courage, grit, and fortitude to do the hard thing when it's the right thing


There are countless examples of doing the hard thing when it’s the right thing. It can be as simple as following through with a commitment, to as challenging as speaking your truth in a roomful of naysayers or standing up in defense of another at the expense of your own comfort and privilege. Regardless of the specific “thing,” doing the hard thing when it’s the right thing is, by definition, hard. It takes resilience, clarity, and the capacity to see beyond oneself. ​

We developed the Rebel Human for Schools program because we believe the world needs more rebel humans.​



Jenny Arrington.JPG

Co-Founder of Rebel Human. Published Author. Wellness Advisor at Kellogg. Trained with Harvard Neuroscientist, Dr. Srini Pillay, in using neurocoaching to help people achieve their full potential. E-RYT® 200 and YACEP® certified.

Marcus Campbell.JPG

Assistant Superintendent and Principal at Evanston Township Highschool since 2013. Passionate about using SEL and mindfulness to promote student health and wellbeing. A committed practitioner and champion of mindfulness and meditation.


Jess Godwin.jpg

Recording Artist. Performer. Founder of The Major Lift which helps kids problem solve, collaborate, and explore their values through songwriting. Has helped over 40,000 students in 80 communities combat shame and connect with their truth through song writing.


Destini Brown.jpeg

Fell in love with yoga and meditation while in high school. Passionate about teaching yoga and meditation to middle and high school students. 

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Dancer. Teacher. Entrepreneur. Founder of Free Mvmt Shop, which promotes and provides a positive and nonjudgemental environment for all people to move freely and express themselves through dance. Danced on tour with Beyoncé.

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Artist. International DJ. Sound Consultant. Toured Europe with Oprah as her DJ. Passionate about the power of music, meditation, and mindfulness to impact change in individuals, communities, and the world.

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