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Is Magic Or Your Superpower Better?

Mystics, tarot, psychics, mediums, and astrologists can feel very compelling, most often when we are in pain and looking for meaning. They can be comforting, but we also find that some people become dependent on these resources and can't make decisions without them. They have lost touch with their own deep wisdom and intuition, along with trust in their own reasoning and logic.

In our programs, we teach you:

  • how to access your wisdom, intuition, and creativity

  • how to get quiet enough to hear the answers loud and clear

  • how to manipulate your physiology in any given moment depending on the situation and your state

  • how to increase your clarity of thinking

  • how to have more confidence in your discernment

Although "magic"* or someone who you believe has a connection to the "supernatural" can be comforting at times, and it absolutely may have truths in its structure, we don't want anyone to abandon themselves and only reach out to resources outside themselves. We are walking around with all the resources we need, contained in our own vessel.

We have many "magical" superpowers at our fingertips thanks to our incredible electrical control center. It's so powerful and magical that we don't even fully understand it yet.

*A note to real magicians. We don't want to undermine your craft. We realize magicians refer to magic as a set of skills (cognitive illusions, slight of hand, etc.) honed after hundreds of hours of practice. We sometimes use "magic" in this email and podcast but are referring to supernatural power.

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