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We are all striving for health, joy, fulfillment, contentment, comfort, and love. Sometimes when we don't feel any of those, we seek out a quick fix, a miracle drug, or a "spiritual guru." Sometimes our doctor doesn't listen to us and fails to treat us properly, allowing unacceptable symptoms to diminish the quality of our life. In those times, we may want to reach out for alternative healing practices.

Unfortunately, the internet and in particular, social media, are supremely unhelpful. There is so much disinformation and misinformation on health circulating, in lock step with political disinformation.

Luckily, at Rebel Human, we have our in house scientist and lead researcher, Dr. Tait, to help us work through falsehoods, comb through the studies, and present the facts.

For all the details, listen to this week's podcast. Here is a quick summary:

Does it do what "experts" say?

Colonics - NO

Lemon in water - NO

Drinking your urine - NO

Homeopathy - NO

Ayahuasca - NO

Are any of the above things good for you? NO

Is "adrenal fatigue" a real diagnosis? NO

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