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neuroscience informed
meditation + movement + creative expression
to help you break free
from the status quo

this is not performative wellness
this is wellness in defense of a better future


Rebel Human for Schools is a web-based learning environment that allows educators to easily incorporate social and emotional learning (SEL) into their school’s 6-12 curriculum. Designed by experts in the field, Rebel Human for Schools integrates social and emotional learning (SEL) with foundational practices and vetted neuroscientific findings, allowing for a skills-based and experiential approach to social and emotional well-being. Rebel Human for Schools teaches practical tools that help students gain autonomy over their level of autonomic arousal, their self-concept, and their emotional state so they can live healthier, more meaningful, and more connected lives. Given the dramatic increases in depression, anxiety, and self-harm, now is the time for schools to implement regular, daily, school-wide wellness protocols.


WorkfloW helps you find your focus and flow by operationalizing the neuroscience of brain optimization in an easy-to-integrate web-based platform. WrkfloW is designed to help you gain control over your attention and spend more time engaged in deep work—work that is focused, uninterrupted, and productive. The unique features of the 21st century (frictionless communication channels and 24/7 access to smartphones) have caused you/your employees to spend increasingly more time on shallow work and less time on deep work. This is the wrong prioritization. Deep work is what adds value and creates output that is hard to replicate. Deep work is what "moves the needle" and gives work meaning. And in an increasingly shallow and distracted world, deep work is what gives you a competitive advantage.


A Rebel Human retreat is not your typical “wellness” retreat. It is not simply a vacation with a few yoga classes thrown in. It isn't a soft reset or a quick fix. Instead, it is about building a new foundation upon which the new you will be built, and remain standing through anything. Through a carefully designed and expertly supported program that integrates yogic practices, neurocoaching, exploration exercises, and sound healing, you will learn to connect with a new vision of who you are and how you want to live. You will learn to quiet the busy mind and overwrite recurring fear thoughts. You will take that first bold step out of old ways of thinking and into new possibilities. 


A sound bath is a deeply immersive sound experience that helps bring about a meditative state. This full-body experience is an excellent way to repair a frayed nervous system. Our sound healing instruments include the highly regarded Crystal Tones™ singing bowls that are fused with with rare minerals, gemstones, and metals such as platinum, gold, copper, moldavite, and Sedona red rock using a patented technology. This process creates singing bowls that produce rich harmonic overtones that are a deeply compelling focal point for the mind and resonant vibrations that help release tension held in the body. People often report feeling clear headed, cleansed, and renewed as a result of this type of meditation experience.


Rebel Human has a number of offerings both in-person and virtual to help support corporate wellness and executive development. Our Master Your Mind Program and Rebel Human Resets have been used with success by C-Level and MBA level talent at Kellogg, MIT, the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), and top-level executives at companies such a Mesirow Financial. Our Sound Baths (both in-person or virtual) are a great addition to corporate wellness events as they are an effective way to bring about deep relaxation quite effortlessly and are enjoyed by both those new to meditation and seasoned practitioners alike. 


Jenny’s approach? Deep change and meaningful progress occur only when we figure out what emotional blocks are getting in our way. Jenny looks at the whole picture and works with you to uncover the self-limiting beliefs and behaviors that are preventing you from unlocking your deep wisdom and helpful intuition. She then uses rare yogic practices that were historically taught in secret to retrain your brain and give you new tools that few people have mastered. Trained under Harvard Neuroscientist, Dr. Srini Pillay, Jenny combines neurocoaching techniques to optimize your brain’s potential with ancient spiritual practices to maximize your outcome. The guidance you receive in private sessions with Jenny helps you hone your practice, cultivate a deeper connection to the process, and get to your goal faster. 


Rebel Human TV (RHTV) is our members-only on-demand virtual studio of over 100 classes (and growing) that supports your ongoing development as you hone your skills in Rebel Human's core competencies of resilience, equanimity, and transcendence. RHTV is available 24/7 and includes all your favorites: Meditation, Yin Yoga, 20:20:20 (our Signature Class), Kundalini Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, and more. Classes are taught by Rebel Human Co-Founder and Lead Teacher Jenny Arrington. As a Member you also get access to RH Challenges, our Community Page, and our Text Accountability Program.


Online Courses let you work at your own pace and on your own time. Our courses let you dig deep into a concept, whether that be resilience, creativity, or equanimity. We are currently highlighting three courses: a Resilience course designed to systematically train your body and mind in proven resilience-boosting practices, a Creativity course that will help you find your voice and connect more authentically with your truth, and a Kundalini Yoga Posture Course to guide you in exploring the depth and possibility of each posture.


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