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A rebel human is someone who has the strength and clarity of purpose to challenge harmful norms in order to bring about constructive change for themself and the world around them.

They do the hard thing when it's the right thing. 


In a culture that demands acceleration, go slow. In a culture designed to distract, pay attention. In a culture intent on isolation, connect. When norms are cutting us off, numbing us out, and making us sick and sad, be a Rebel Human.

Rebel Human was founded by Jenny Arrington and Tait Medina, Ph.D. Read more about them HERE.


Rebel Human® is a movement. A movement that will help you break free from the status quo of your life. We know that things aren’t working, yet we continue to do the same things repeatedly, hoping for different results. In an increasingly distracted world, honing your ability to focus, manage your nervous system, and control your mind is a necessity if you want to thrive, not merely survive. 


Our programming trains you to become a Rebel Human, one who pushes back against norms that are harmful to themselves and others and acts in accordance with their values regardless of the status quo. 


We teach you to challenge preconceived notions of who you are and what you can do through learning Rebel Human’s Five Dials approach to manipulating the nervous system, self-concept, and mindset. Knowing how to manage the fundamental systems of the body and brain is foundational to any higher order cognitive work. 


Once you know how to manage your systems and take control of your mind, you can participate in the deep work that pierces the veneer of performative wellness and leads to authentic and lasting change. 


The programming at Rebel Human focuses on developing the core competencies of a Rebel Human:

resilience, equanimity, and transcendence. 

  • Resilience: We use the Five Dials approach to strengthen the nervous system, increasing stress tolerance which builds resilience in the body and mind. This resilience in the body translates to resilience in our lives. 

  • Equanimity: We actively train the brain to process and navigate difficult emotions with clarity and a neutral mind using many manipulations of the Five Dials.

  • Transcendence: Our training helps you connect with something that is bigger than you. In building transcendence, you can reimagine a better world for yourself and others while actively connecting with your values and greater purpose. 


The world needs more rebel humans, learn to be one now.

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