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A rebel human is someone who has the strength and clarity of purpose to challenge harmful norms in order to bring about constructive change for themself and the world around them.

They do the hard thing when it's the right thing. 


Rebel Human offers classes, retreats, small-group and corporate events and trainings that build rebel humans: individuals who push back against norms that are harmful to themselves and others and act in accordance with their values regardless of the status quo. 


The programming at Rebel Human uses movement, meditation, and creative expression to develop the core competencies of resilience, equanimity, and transcendence (read our FAQs for more on these), the building blocks of a rebel human. Movement strengthens the nervous system, building resilience in the body that translates to resilience in our lives. Meditation actively trains the brain to process and navigate difficult emotions with equanimity and clarity. Creative expression allows a reimagining of a better world for ourself and others while actively connecting us with our values and greater purpose.

In a culture that demands acceleration, go slow. In a culture designed to distract, pay attention. In a culture intent on isolation, connect. When norms are cutting us off, numbing us out, and making us sick and sad, be a Rebel Human.

Rebel Human was founded by Jenny Arrington and Tait Medina, Ph.D. Read more about them HERE.

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