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Rebel Human classes train you in resilience + equanimity + transcendence

so you can break free from the status quo


See below for class descriptions



A sound bath is a deeply immersive sound experience that helps bring about a meditative state. This full-body experience is an excellent way to repair a frayed nervous system. Our sound healing instruments include the highly regarded Crystal Tones™ singing bowls that are fused with with rare minerals, gemstones, and metals such as platinum, gold, copper, moldavite, and Sedona red rock using a patented technology. This process creates singing bowls that produce rich harmonic overtones that are a deeply compelling focal point for the mind and resonant vibrations that help release tension held in the body. People often report feeling clear headed, cleansed, and renewed as a result of this type of meditation experience.


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Rebel Humans can be made. With training, you can reimagine and remake the internal norms that are keeping you stuck, and eventually, reimagine and remake the external norms that are keeping our community and society stuck.


This unique class uses movement, intense breath, mantra, relaxation, and meditation to build resilience, awareness, connection, and the ability to transcend self-limiting thoughts and behaviors. There is no performative wellness here. This is wellness in defense of a better future.

Rebel Human Way trains you in skills that fall under the core competencies of a Rebel Human: resilience, equanimity, and transcendence. Each class is unique but follows a consistent structure that you can rest into: Tune-in. Warm-up. Mindful Movement. Sound Bath. Meditation.

Your teacher is Jenny Arrington, Rebel Human Co-Founder.


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This is an interactive class where you will learn to play the crystal singing bowls and use the power of sound to reach a meditative state and access your deep wisdom. You will learn the basic techniques of playing the crystal singing bowls using our Crystal Tones bowls and also several meditation techniques that make use of the bowls.

This class is excellent for those wanting to incorporate singing bowls into their own meditation practice and also for yoga and mediation/mindfulness teachers who want to incorporate singing bowls into their classes.

Your teacher is Jenny Arrington, Rebel Human Co-Founder.

Chanting 101


Learn how to use the power of your voice to deepen your meditation practice, strengthen your communication skills, calm your nervous system and enter a deeper level of stillness where your wisdom and intuition can thrive. Jenny will teach you the science of sound and the basics of chanting, while exposing you to many chanting techniques. This class series is great for beginning meditators and experienced practitioners alike. Chanting is especially good for beginners because it works efficiently to quiet the mind more quickly than other meditation techniques. So if you hear yourself saying, “meditation is impossible for me because I have too much running through my mind,” then this class is for you. 

Your teacher is Jenny Arrington, Rebel Human Co-Founder.


“Jenny has supported and guided me through a time of significant growth and transition. I came to her lost to myself. Through her carefully crafted classes and simple yet powerful messages, I’ve reconnected with my true self, which has empowered me to approach the changing facets of my life with strength, peace, courage, and grace.


Tait is visionary. She is deeply committed to and connected with us, her clients. Keeping our desires for personal growth and care at the heart of her offerings, she seeks to bring us practices grounded in science, spirituality, and ancient wisdom. Her conscious attention to detail creates an environment of peace and beauty that envelops us as we practice.


Jenny and Tait together are light, and I’m so grateful they’ve sparked the same in me.”

—  Sarah

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