Class Philosophy


Our classes run as multi-week series. This allows concepts to be gradually built upon, knowledge to be deepened and challenged, and connections to be made. Class sizes are kept small to facilitate a close connection with your teacher, and to nurture sharing and discussion.​ This small-group, multi-week format provides the time, personal attention, and guidance that is needed to begin down the path of lasting change.


Our classes are often structured around human development themes such as understanding emotions (fear, anxiety, sadness, anger), managing obstacles, knowing when something is nourishing or depleting, changing your relationship to sacrifice, unpacking the meaning of prosperity, stepping into your power, and many other topics.

At their core, our classes are about unlocking your inner wisdom, connecting with your instincts, and overcoming your limiting fears. While not always easy, the great joy of this work is that, little by little, you begin to break free of old storylines and step into the great expanse of your own possibility.​


Coming in 2020

Kundalini Series

Teens & Kids


Art Therapy


Neurocoaching 1:1s


Somatic Experiencing Workshop


Kundalini Drop-Ins


Meditation Series

Classes are held at

Oto Float in Wilmette

1214 Washington Ave, Wilmette, IL