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A rebel human is someone who has the strength and clarity of purpose to go against norms in order to bring about constructive change for themself and the world around them.

They do the hard thing when it's the right thing. 

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Resilience, equanimity, and transcendence are the core competencies of a rebel human.

Many of us yearn for a rebel human life—a life of meaning and purpose, a life anchored in values, a life that is bold and kind—but are not sure how to get there.


We are here to help.

Foundational to a rebel human life is taking action. Often, we must act our way into “right thinking”. We must move the body, alter the breath, make some noise, create something in order to shift our physiology, steady our mind, and find a sense of connection and purpose.

That is why our offerings are grounded in action-oriented and embodied practices: meditation, mantra, breathwork, movement, and creative expression.


Resilience, equanimity, and transcendence are skills anyone can develop. And, they are foundational to a life well lived

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“Jenny has supported and guided me through a time of significant growth and transition. I came to her lost to myself. Through her carefully crafted classes and simple yet powerful messages, I’ve reconnected with my true self, which has empowered me to approach the changing facets of my life with strength, peace, courage, and grace.


Tait is visionary. She is deeply committed to and connected with us, her clients. Keeping our desires for personal growth and care at the heart of her offerings, she seeks to bring us practices grounded in science, spirituality, and ancient wisdom. Her conscious attention to detail creates an environment of peace and beauty that envelops us as we practice.


Jenny and Tait together are light, and I’m so grateful they’ve sparked the same in me.”

—  Sarah