The Motley

The Motley

Rebel Human’s Motley is a garment that can be worn 15 ways. You can use it as a shawl, a wrap, several different dresses, a skirt, or several different shirts. This will be useful as a robe, a cover up, or a shawl at dinner or during meditation. The design was created by Jenny and it took her to MIT’s entrepreneurship bootcamp in 2015. It also got to the second round of shark tank. It laid dormant for several years and is now making a comeback.


It is meant to be sustainable in its simplicity. It can meet you where you are and adjust to your needs. It’s the ultimate “less is more” and we hope that it wraps you in just the right way when you need it.


The Motley is available in two fabric options:

Bamboo (Black, Purple, or Mauve)

Poly-Blend (White Burn-Out)

Black Ruffle (SOLD OUT)


Bamboo fits sizes 2-20. The Poly-Blend fits a bit more snug than the Bamboo and is better for sizes 2-16. 


Watch this short video for The Motley origin story.


Read more about The Motley and see it in action here: