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Rebel Human Aviator T

Rebel Human Aviator T

The intrepid aviator is our Rebel Human icon. Based on images of female pilots from the 1940's, our intrepid aviator embodies the daring, adventurous, and resilient spirit that is needed to push back against the norms that our numbing us out, cutting us off, and making us sick and sad. She is our reminder of the intrepid spirit that is needed to do the hard thing when it's the right thing.


The Rebel Human Aviator T is a screen-printed reproduction of a Ray Borchers' original commissioned by Rebel Human. Borchers is a Chicago-area artist who uses the most basic of tools — a Sharpie® and a basic white t-shirt — to make wearable art that defies category and expectation. She created this one-off photorealistic illustration exclusively for Rebel Human.



Slim Fit

Small (Cotton/Poly Blend | Chest: 16 1/4, HPS: 26 3/8)

Medium (100% Cotton | Chest: 16 3/4, HPS: 26 3/4)

Large (100% Cotton  | Chest: 17 3/4, HPS: 27 3/8)

XL (100% Cotton | Chest: 18 3/4, HPS: 28)

Oversized Fit

Medium (Chest: 20 1/2, HPS: 26 3/8)

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