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30-Minute Private Virtual Sound Bath

30-Minute Private Virtual Sound Bath

After purchase, we will contact you to schedule a date for your 1-hour private virtual sound bath. If you have a particular date in mind, we recommend emailing us prior to purchase to confirm that we have that date available for you! You can email us at:


  • Virtual Sound Baths are a unique and effective way to bring about a sense of connection and calm. Sound healing instruments have been used since at least 560 B.C. to help aid in meditation, and their rich blend of harmonic overtones are deeply compelling.

  • Events include a short primer on the science of sound and how it works on the body and brain, a short guided relaxation exercise to help prepare the mind and body, and a sound bath using a stunning selection of crystal singing bowls and a powerful 34-inch hand-hammered bronze Chau Gong.

  • Prior to the event, you will have a prep call with Co-Founder and Lead Teacher Jenny Arrington so that the session can be tailored to your group. The session can focus on any of the following themes: healing, focus, energy, stamina, grit, connection, or compassion.

  • Sound Baths are conducted either via Zoom or through a Private Portal on our website that is dedicated to your event.

  • Our studio is equipped with high-end audio-visual equipment and a mixing board that allows for high fidelity sound even via Zoom.

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