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Introduction to Kundalini Yoga by Jenny

Introduction to Kundalini Yoga by Jenny

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In this Introduction to Kundalini Yoga video, Rebel Human Co-Founder, Jenny Arrington, introduces the history, culture, science, and practice of Kundalini Yoga. 


Kundalini Yoga is an advanced practice that includes the use of repetitive movements, powerful breathwork, and the chanting of sacred mantra. Classes in this lineage of yoga are more difficult to find, especially in the US, because this lineage of yoga was taught in secret for centuries and because training to become a Kundalini Yoga teacher is a longer and more involved process compared to other yoga teacher training programs.


Kundalini Yoga is not for everyone. It’s repetitive rather than flowy and because of the repetitive movements and oftentimes intense breathwork, it looks a bit "odd." Getting over that initial discomfort could be one of your best decisions because this practice is incredibly powerful at building resilience, equanimity, and a sense of connection to something greater than yourself. Our students report that it’s life changing.

The Kundalini Yoga Posture Manual, by Gurudass & Radha Kirin, has been written with the Level 1 Teacher Trainee and practicing teachers in mind but is also accessible to any yoga practitioner. This is a beautifully illustrated tool to delve deeper into the most common Kundalini Yoga postures, learn modifications, variations, and common mistakes. There is an emphasis on specific cueing to help the teacher and practitioner make the adjustments necessary to maximize the benefits of the postures while keeping them safe.

Done correctly, Kundalini Yoga is remarkably powerful in helping practitioners come face to face with their best, highest selves. It goes way beyond posing for a pretty picture. Kundalini Yoga builds strength, flexibility, resilience, healthy glandular function, a strong nervous system and improved brain chemistry, which are all keys to a healthy, long, life. This manual will give you a boost in your practice, propping up your understanding of the postures, and giving you the confidence to grow safely.

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50 videos detailing 50 postures

Archer · Baby · Boat · Back Rolls · Body Drops · Bow · Bridge · Butterly · Camel · Cat Cow · Cat Stretches · Celibate · Chair · Cobra · Corpse · Crow · Easy · Ego Eradicator · Fish · Frog · Full Lotus · Gas · Half Bow · Half Lotus · Hero · Horizontal Arm Posture · Kundalini Lotus · Leg Lifts · Life Nerve Stretched · Maha Mudra · Locust · Lunge Stretches · Neck Rolls · Platform · Back Platform · Plow · Rock · Sat Kriya · Shoulder Stand · Shoulder Rolls & Shrug · Spinal Flex · Spinal Twists · Stretch · Sufi Circle · Tree · Triangle · Wheel · Windmills · Yoga Mudra


This online course is a companion to The Kundalini Posture Manual: A Comprehensive Guide to Practicing and Teaching the Kundalini Yoga Postures. If you don't have the Posture Manual, you will still learn a lot about the postures, the common mistakes, modifications, variations, how to maximize the benefits, and how to prevent injury and protect the body.


The course is organized alphabetically by posture, with a detailed video on each posture. You can jump around and watch them out of order, going to the posture that you're most interested in learning about, or watch them all beginning to end.


If you're a teacher, this course will help you keep your students safe, give you a broader understanding of modifications, and give you a broader library of cues to explain the postures.


If you're a practicing yogi, this is also a helpful course as it will keep you safe and allow you to explore the depth and possibilities of each posture. You will be able to cue yourself through postures even if your teacher isn't giving you comprehensive cues.

Rebel Human's always growing on-demand subscription library includes over 100 classes to support you as you hone your skills in the core competencies of resilience, equanimity, and transcendence.


The Rebel Human Class library is evergreen with new classes added weekly and is available 24/7. It includes classes in all your favorites: Meditation, Yin Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, and more, plus Bonus Content (i.e., Guided Audio Meditations). All classes are taught by Rebel Human Co-Founder and Lead Teacher, Jennifer Arrington.

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classes range from 20 - 90 minutes


Over 100 classes in Meditation, Kundalini Yoga, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa and more. Designed to help you hone resilience, equanimity, and transcendence. New classes added weekly.

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