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reimagine your way of being in the world


Women's Day Retreat 

July 10th, 2021*


Private lakefront home, Evanston, IL

Join us at a private lakefront home in Evanston for a day retreat to reimagine your way of being in the world. We will take a gentle, non-judgmental approach to investigating our current ways of living and ask lots of questions that will help you get excited about the possibilities that await you.

Join us if you...

  • Want a day away from your to-do list and routines so that you can reimagine possibilities for yourself and the world around you

  • Love the sun and water and want to retreat poolside to the sounds of waves

  • Want to swim and paddle board without kids yelling and kicking sand 

  • Want to try deep dive exercises that help you rediscover your values

  • Want a cleanse from your phone, news, TV shows, and email

  • Want to try meditation techniques you’ve never tried before

  • Want to slow down and rest in a traditional English garden

  • Want a sound bath of waves, crystal bowls and gong 

  • Want to nourish your body with vegetarian food

  • Want to experience a deeper level of meditation

  • Want to build your Rebel Human

  • Want time to reflect



  • Don’t want to share your wisdom or life experiences with other women

  • Don’t want to slow down and rest by the lake

  • Want to keep looking at social media 

  • Don’t like deep reflection

  • Don’t like being outside

  • Don’t want to meditate

*Rain Date: July 17th. 

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Rebel Human retreats are known for the transformation they spark. The curated day program is built to bring about a new psychological and physiological state so the seeds planted will take root and grow, nourishing a new way of being in the world. True reimagining takes some work. While you will have time on this retreat for floating in the pool and paddle boarding on the lake, you will also be guided through meditation, yogic practices, and exploration exercises that pierce the veneer of performative wellness, and lead to lasting change.


Our private garden on the lake will offer the opportunity for us to slow down and enjoy the creative process of reimagining what our life can feel like with women, with friends, in a grounded, healing space. Healing happens through deep self work on your own, but also through community, shared experiences, deep bonding, and sharing our wounds. The word imagine originates from the Latin imaginare, meaning “to form an image of, represent.” We will use neurocoaching, yogic practices, and art therapy to embody our reimaginings, taking the brave and bold step that follows our questioning. 


On this retreat YOU get to decide what needs to be reimagined. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all journey and even your teacher can’t tell you exactly what needs to be addressed. On this retreat you will learn the tools to carefully discern what needs a shift. These tools will allow you to build deep awareness, connection to your inner wisdom, and intuition, so you can make choices from a place of equanimity. These are powerful tools to take with you into your life after the retreat.


Reimagining will be aided by expert guidance and a carefully developed program that integrates yogic practices—pranayama, mantra, chanting, Yin Yoga—with sound healing, meditation, neurocoaching, personal development, exploration exercises, and visualization. 


You will be supported in these practices by your teacher, but also by participating in a “screen cleanse.” You will be given the permission to take a full break from texting, emailing, online shopping, and social media so you can experience yourself and the world around you without these distractions.


The retreat is limited to 25 women. This small-group setting allows us to cultivate a culture where we feel safe and supported to connect and share. It also allows for personalized attention from your teachers, Jenny Arrington and Tait Medina, Ph.D. 


During this day retreat we intend for you to have the space, time, and guidance to feel excited about your path and have a clear plan for your next steps.  You will feel held and supported, while having some downtime to journal, think, and be quiet, or commune and connect with your fellow Rebel Humans.


This retreat is open to all levels. You do not need experience in meditation or in yoga to benefit. Our unique and personalized programming (which includes a preparatory call) allows us to meet the needs of beginning and advanced practitioners alike.​​​​

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retreat 0622a.jpeg


10:00am Welcome, Introduction, and Opening


10:20 Yoga and Meditation


11:20 Group Discussion


12:00 Lunch


1:00 Deep Dive Exercise


2:00 Break


2:20 Deep Meditation and Discussion


3:30 Sound Bath


4:00 Break for swim, paddle boarding, hot tub


4:30 Closing Ritual

5:00 End

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Location and Amenities

929 Edgemere Ct. Evanston, IL

We will retreat at the lakefront Arrington Estate, built in 1938 by famed architect, John D. Hemphill. You will have access to the lake, paddle boards, a heated pool, and a jacuzzi. The verdant waterfront grounds are reminiscent of the mediterranean, and a staff is in place to bring you anything you need.

Arrival at Arrington Estate on July 10 at 9:45am is preferred so that you are set up and comfortable to start promptly at 10am.

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Poolside vegan lunch is included in the price. 

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Included in pricing

6 hours of programming

1.5 hours of free time to swim and commune with your fellow Rebel Humans

All nourishment from the time you arrive at the estate until you leave including meals, snacks, and beverages (this is a vegan and non-alcoholic retreat)

Access to pool, hot tub, private access to lake, and paddle boards

10% off promo code that can be used toward one Rebel Human class series

Cancelation policy

If you cancel on or before July 1, 2021, you will receive a 50% refund. If you cancel after July 1, 2021, there are no refunds​.

Inclement weather

The retreat will normally take place regardless of weather conditions. In case of heavy rains or thunderstorms, and because we have your safety in mind, we do our best to adjust the schedule to accomplish all programmed activities as planned. We cannot make a refund if you choose to cancel a retreat or activity because of inclement weather. Should we need to cancel the retreat in its entirety because of severe weather conditions, we will move the retreat to July 17th. If the rain date does not work for you we can not issue a refund but you can apply the purchase price to a future retreat or class series.

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