Code of Conduct

We share this from a place of love and a heartfelt intention to keep everyone feeling safe, calm, loved, and elevated. 


Our retreats are a microcosm of the life we want to create and live in. We are committed to creating an environment where we can practice the following behaviors so that when we return to our lives we are now standing on a new foundation:



1) Active deep listening- Try to listen more than you talk. 


2) Conscious communication- When you do talk, listen to what you’re saying. Are you getting wrapped up in your stories? Instead, try to get to the nugget so that you can avoid spinning in the buzz and drama of old stories. That can be activating and addicting. We want to advance beyond those old stories. The practices we teach help us develop conscious communication and we don't want to revert back to old habits during our down time, ignoring the work we just did. If we start to listen to ourselves, we start to notice patterns. For example, are we always talking about being wronged, attacked? Are we always the victim? We need to notice these patterns and address what lies beneath. 


3) Confidentiality- We uphold confidentiality in all classes, workshops, and retreats. These are sacred spaces and transformation can't happen when we feel unsafe. We do everything we can to make you feel safe and confidentiality is a big piece of that. We expect that you, as a participant, will also protect the confidentiality of your fellow retreat participants. If there is a breech, you will not be able to attend any more Rebel Human classes, workshops, or retreats. 


4) No gossip- Gossip sucks energy from us and it's not in line with the conduct that we work to promote and protect. We understand that gossip has become a part of our culture and even celebrated in talk shows and reality TV. We also understand that it's easy for gossip to become habitual and you may engage in it without even knowing. The practices we teach encompass the practice of awareness, and Kundalini Yoga is often called, "the yoga of awareness." If you find you're about to, or starting to gossip, please notice, and redirect yourself to another topic. When we force ourselves not to gossip, the conversation and connection with the one we're speaking to goes much deeper. The conversation becomes more interesting and meaningful. Instead of talking about people or things, we can practice discussing concepts and ideas.


5) Bravery- We take our mission statement seriously and we really strive to help you get to the next level of healing, connection, joy, wholeness, confidence, and self-awareness. This isn't easy for you or us. This takes work. This takes a combination of nourishment, encouragement, gentle poking and provoking, with the intention of elevating. We aren't here to hand hold, coddle, or tell you you're awesome just because that's what you think you need. You are stronger than you may realize now and everything you put into this will come back to you in surprising ways. Seeing real change in our lives doesn't come from just going somewhere pretty and getting massages. The fact that you've signed up for this retreat already shows that you are brave, hopeful, and willing to be vulnerable. We honor and respect that always. 


6) No alcohol or drugs- This retreat is alcohol and drug free. We trust that you won't bring either of these with you. If you think you may have an addiction and are worried about not having alcohol or drugs during this retreat, please talk to Tait or Jenny. We are not equipped to manage someone going through detox. If you drink heavily right up to the day you leave for the retreat, it will make the retreat very uncomfortable and you won't be able to do the work to its fullest extent. We are here to help you , but we can't provide an environment to safely detox from alcohol. 


7) Space for everyone’s own experience- This means leaving people to have time alone when they want it. We have built siesta into each day's schedule which will be a time of quiet and silence. 


8) Kindness to everyone, especially those serving you.