Like a dream recalled – the pieces became whole. Light, time, space, color, water, and jungle, merged. A place imagined, then found. 


Join us for a retreaT

curated and led by

Rebel Human Co-Founders

Jenny Arrington & Tait Medina, Ph.D.

Jan 29 - Feb 03, 2023

Yelapa, Mexico

Now is a time for reimagining. For rediscovering that creative spark that illuminates "our why" and fortifies us as we walk in purpose.


On this 5-night / 6-day retreat we will explore the deep well of creativity that lives in all of us, and work together to build a framework to use this boon to reimagine all aspects of our life, and strengthen our purpose.

It is so easy to become lost and disconnected in this world of ours. Every where we look there are "things" designed to distract and divert us from our primary purpose.  We lose our way, and our why.

But change is possible.

Together, through the use of meditation, movement, mantra, visualization, and creative expression we will lift the veil of ego, fear, and pride to uncover our creative spark. 


​The retreat is limited to 15 women. This small-group setting allows us to cultivate a culture where we feel safe and supported as we play with new ideas, and flourish in our vulnerabilities.​

You do not need experience in meditation or in yoga to benefit from this retreat. What you do need is an honest desire to move forward on your journey of self-discovery, and a willingness to be vulnerable.


If you have not yet taken a class from Jenny or Tait, we encourage you to book a discovery call to see if this retreat is a good fit. We also encourage you to read our code of conduct and to reflect on the list below.

Join us if you...

✓ Believe it’s worth a plane, a boat ride, and a hike up a hillside to get to someplace truly special​​​​

✓ Want to rediscover your intrepid spirit, your resilient true self, and your deep well of creativity

✓ Want to experience meditation techniques you've never tried before

✓ Want to do something a little outside your comfort zone every day​

✓ Love nature and want to wake up to the sounds of the jungle

✓ Love being outside as much as possible, even while bathing​

✓ Want to experience an alternative way of being in the world​​

✓ Want to give your body a break from alcohol and let it heal

✓ Want a cleanse from your phone, news, TV, and email

✓ Want to share your gifts and wisdom with others

​✓ Want nightly sound baths beneath the stars

This retreat is not for you if you...

✓ Don’t want to slow down and rest on your private palapa overlooking the ocean 

✓ Don’t want to share your wisdom or life experiences with other women

✓ Need to get off a plane and be at a hotel in 15 minutes

✓ Need everything to work out exactly as you plan

✓ Don't want to get a little uncomfortable

✓ Don’t like learning about other cultures

✓ Want to keep looking at social media

✓ Don’t like being immersed in nature

✓ Don’t like the ocean or sand

✓ Don’t want to meditate

✓ Don’t like adventure

✓ Don’t like hiking

✓ Don’t like boats


Time seemed to stand still at the Rebel Human Retreat. Nurtured and nourished by the staff, cuisine and grounds, I embarked on a journey of introspection and healing with a small group of amazing, diverse women. A willingness to become vulnerable and trust in Jenny and Tait’s expertise resulted in rewards I could not have imagined. The spiritual and emotional exercises we worked through encouraged me to look at my past and review the negative thought patterns, habits and baggage that I perpetuate in my daily life. Through learning to be comfortable in the uncomfortable, I was able to see that I can do hard things.


Together, we flew in small planes, we hiked, we swam at the base of waterfalls, we rode horses, we became at peace with the natural surroundings and its inhabitants, and we proved to ourselves that despite a bit of unease, we were able to use our breath and tap into a strong inner core of peace and tranquility. As we learned, friction and stress are the building blocks of strength and resilience.


I am strong and resilient and capable of releasing a victim mentality and embracing positive energy. My mind is clearer. My dreams are sharper, more vivid and pouring out of me. I plan to attend as many Rebel Human retreats as I can in the coming years and very much look forward to fostering life long friendships with these incredible women and the many participants yet to come. 

— Mary