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Don't Leave Your Deep Work To Chance

Need a hook here that quickly sings the praises of deep work and makes the reader nervous they are doing it wrong. To get the most out of your deep work you need to 1) PREPARE your brain before, and 2) help your brain RECOVER and INTEGRATE after. You are ruining your life if you do not {bracket} your deep work with Brain Prep and Non-Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR).


BRAIN PREP. Everyone knows you have to warm-up before you workout. It’s the same with cognitive work. Using the right tools, it takes just a few minutes to get the right mix of neurochemicals flowing for deep work optimization. Our Brain Prep videos guide you through crucial first step,


NSDR. Non-sleep deep rest (NSDR) is a powerful tool you should be using throughout your day, every day. A 3-5 minute session will: 1) Replenish your energy, creativity, and focus reserves, 2) Prevent the accumulation/build-up of stress, 3) Help your brain "lock-in" information, and 4) Boost your performance.

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