Our Community Programming is free and includes our Children's Show, Rebel Human Radio, and a sampling of our Member classes! If you'd like access to 15 NEW LIVE CLASSES each week + our ON-DEMAND library of Kundalini Yoga, Yin Yoga, Sound Baths, Meditation (and more), head to our REBEL HUMAN TV PAGE.

Ms Arrington's Atelier

Ages 3+


Ms. Arrington will help kids release pent up energy through play and different schools of movement. She will also teach them self-calming techniques, and explore challenging feelings and circumstances. Each episode will be guided by a theme. The Atelier gets regular visits from whimsical characters played by child actors that help explore the episode’s theme.

Rebel Human Radio (podcast)

Rebel Human Radio is where co-founders Jenny Arrington and Tait Medina "let down their buns" and dive into the stories behind building Rebel Human, their fast-growing educational community. Each episode weaves challenges of building the company with narratives from their own lives as they explore themes such as fear, anxiety, sadness, power, success, addiction, and more. Rebel Human Radio gives you a peek behind the scenes and into the real lives of Jenny and Tait as ever evolving works in progress.


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A Sample of Rebel Human Member TV Classes

Here is a sample of classes from Rebel Human TV.

Rebel Human TV offers 15 NEW CLASSES LIVE each week taught by Rebel Human Co-Founder Jenny Arrington. Classes include meditation and breathwork, Kundalini Yoga, Yin Yoga, sound baths, and more. Members have UNLIMITED ACCESS to our LIVE classes and our growing ON-DEMAND library of classes. Members also have access to our online Rebel Human Forum and our Private Facebook Group. Not your typical workout, Rebel Human TV classes help to elevate mind, body, and spirit. They are here to make being human a more authentic, creative, connected, compassionate, healthy, and joy-filled experience. 

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