Meditation Cushion

Meditation Cushion

This pleated round Zafu meditation cushion traditionally associated with Zen meditation is filled with kapok. Kapok is lighter and easier to carry than buckwheat cushions, and gives a firm, buoyant support. It’s a natural and biodegradable filling. It will not lump or matte like cotton. It has a cotton/muslin inner casing and slip cover made of twill that can be easily removed for washing. Air compressors are used to fill the cushions with Kapok, so they are filled like a balloon. Over time, it will soften. You can speed this up by kneeling or standing on them. It’s a great indicator of how often you’re meditating. As you soften and connect with yourself through meditation, your cushion will soften and connect with you.


Heavyweight, 100% cotton twill fabric removable cover in sage

Size: 14”x 7”

Weight: app 3lbs