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Restore & Restart

Women's Retreat 

October 3 - 8, 2022

Private Island, Gulf of Chiriquí, Panama

Join us on a 400-acre private island in the Gulf of Chiriquí where you will be immersed in unspoiled rainforest and surrounded by pristine ocean. A rare place where 7 secluded beaches meet the virgin rainforest.

Join us if you...

  • Want to awaken your intrepid spirit, restoring yourself back to your true self


  • ​Believe it’s worth taking a few planes and a boat to get to someplace truly special, far from the noise of the busy world​​

  • Want to experience the history and wisdom of an island that was a sacred site to an ancient, pre-Columbian community​​​

  • Want to do a lot of walking through the rainforest and get daily “forest baths”​

  • Are adventurous and want to immerse yourself in a unique microclimate

  • Want to do something a little outside your comfort zone every day

  • Want a cleanse from your phone, news, TV shows, and email

  • Want to try meditation techniques you’ve never tried before

  • Love nature and want to wake up to a pristine private beach

  • Love being outside as much as possible, even while bathing

  • Want to give your body a break from alcohol and let it heal

  • Want to nourish your body with vegetarian food

  • Want to experience a deeper level of meditation

  • Want to see humpback whales with their babies

  • Want seven private beaches to choose from

  • Want to build your Rebel Human

  • Want to reinstate boundaries 

  • Want nightly sound baths

  • Want to reset your habits 

  • Want a physical reboot

  • Want to slow down



  • Don’t want to slow down and rest in a hammock under the rainforest canopy

  • Don’t want to share your wisdom or life experiences with other women

  • Need to get off a plane and be at a hotel in 15 minutes

  • Need everything to work out exactly as you plan

  • Don't want to get a little uncomfortable

  • Don’t like learning about other cultures

  • Want to keep looking at social media

  • Don’t like being immersed in nature

  • Don’t like water or sand

  • Don’t want to meditate

  • Don’t like adventure

  • Don’t like hiking

  • Don’t like boats

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Isla Palenque-Bungalow-1.jpg
Isla Palenque-Bungalow Oceanview 2.jpg



Rebel Human retreats are known for the transformation they spark. The curated daily program is built to bring about a new psychological and physiological state so the seeds planted will take root and grow, nourishing a new way of being in the world. True restoration takes some work. While you will have time on this retreat for massages and sitting on the beach or at the pool, you will also be guided through meditation, yogic practices, and exploration exercises that pierce the veneer of performative wellness, and lead to lasting change.


Our private island off the coast of Panama will offer the opportunity for us to reconnect with women, with friends, in a grounded, healing space. Healing happens through deep self work on your own, but also through community, shared experiences, deep bonding, and sharing our wounds. The word restore originates from the Latin restaurare meaning “repair, rebuild, renew.”

Restoration isn’t a one-size-fits-all journey and even your teacher can’t tell you exactly what needs to be addressed. On this retreat you will learn the tools to carefully discern what needs restoration, and what can be left behind. These tools will allow you to build deep awareness, connection to your inner wisdom, and intuition, so you can make choices from a place of equanimity. These are powerful tools to take with you into your life after the retreat.


In the undisturbed natural landscape of our private island resort you will have the time to fill up your cup and rediscover your sense of awe and wonder. You will be given permission to take a full break from texting, emailing, online shopping, and social media so that you can commune with nature and experience yourself and the world around you without these distractions.

The retreat is limited to 15 women. This small-group setting allows us to cultivate a culture where we feel safe and supported to connect and share. It also allows for personalized attention from your teachers, Jenny Arrington and Tait Medina, Ph.D. ​

This retreat is open to all levels. You do not need experience in meditation or in yoga to benefit. Our unique and personalized programming (which includes a preparatory call) allows us to meet the needs of beginning and advanced practitioners alike.

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Location & Amenities 

We have a 400-acre, private, tropical island resort in the Gulf of Chiriquí, Panama in Central America exclusively for our group. This island is straight out of a page of your favorite, fantasy island novel.


It is a rare place, rich in primary forest, 7 secluded beaches and a sacred history of archaeological significance.


This island resort offers every extravagance you could want, yes. But we promise you’ll find something deeper. A place with presence, with history.

This island was home to an ancient, pre-Columbian community. The island’s beauty and mystery made it a sacred site for the most holy of ceremonies. Indigenous tribes called it “Palenque”, meaning sanctuary. Hundreds of years later, the island continues to exist as a secluded preserve for rare primary forest and hundreds of species of plants, flowers, animals, and birds.

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Only 5% of the island has been carefully & sustainably developed so you will find plenty of serenity and seclusion. Accommodations include just eight beachfront casitas and a six bedroom beachfront villa estate. The beach casitas have outdoor bathrooms and faster access to the main practice area. The villa estate rooms have more enclosed bathrooms and are built around a main seating area with a pool and stunning views of the ocean. 

All rooms have a/c and ensuite bathrooms, some with outdoor showers and soaking tubs.

You will have daily house-keeping & nightly turn down service and access to curated experiences with Island Staff including a guided hike through the island's jungle trails where you will learn more about the ancient cultures that were drawn to the island and its archaeological significance.

We also have a dedicated chef and staff to attend to your every need.

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Isla Palenque-Villa Estate-1.jpg

Our meals are prepared for us onsite by a celebrated chef using locally sourced food. All meals are vegetarian so there will be no fish or meat. 


Panamanian coffee will be available, but no alcoholic beverages.

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Prep calls

There will be one hour-long group zoom call in the two weeks prior to the retreat. During this call you will learn about the neurobiological effects of meditation, a little more about daily schedule, and have the opportunity to get to know each other. This call will help us develop a shared vocabulary so that we can be ready to engage in restorative work together when we arrive on the Island.

Follow-up support

Ongoing support and accountability when you return home is key to integrating  your new awareness, practices, and perspective into your everyday life. To that end, each participant receives one 30-minute private call with Jenny  in the weeks following the retreat.


We also encourage you to join one of our class series to help you hone your practice and cultivate a deeper connection to the process. To support this you will receive a promo code that can be used for 10% off one of our class series when you register for the retreat. If you are not in the Chicago-land area this can be used toward a private neurocoaching session with Jenny via zoom.

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Arrival & Departure

Arrival is October 25, 2021

Departure is October 30, 2021

The island resort is located in the Gulf of Chiriqui, just off the western Pacific coast of Panama, near the border of Costa Rica. 


If you are flying commercial:

  • Fly into Panama City’s Tocumen International Airport (PTY)

  • Take a brief, connecting flight to Enrique Malek Airport (DAV) in David, Panama (60 mins) 

  • From David Airport, island concierge will meet you and bring you to the port in Boca Chica (60 mins)

  • Set sail from Boca Chica on a short, 15-min. boat ride to the island.


Welcome dinner at 7:30pm.

**For those flying out of Chicago we recommend the following:


Oct 25, 2021

Copa Airline Flight 236

   ·Depart ORD 8:45am

   ·Arrive PTY 2:03pm

Copa Airline Flight 15

   ·Depart PTY 4:01pm

   ·Arrive DAV 5:07pm


Oct 30, 2021

Copa Airlines Flight 18

(also UA 7090 operated by Copa)

   ·Depart DAV 9:33am

   ·Arrive PTY 10:33am

From here there are multiple options:

1. Copa Airlines Flight 478

   ·Depart PTY 11:53am

   ·Arrive Orlando (MCO) 4:24pm

   ·Depart MCO 6:05pm

   ·Arrive ORD 8:04pm


2. United Airlines 1856

   ·Depart PTY 12:41pm

   ·Arrive Houston (IAH) 4:57pm

   ·Depart IAH 7:40pm

   ·Arrive ORD 10:10pm

3. Copa Airlines 235

   ·Depart PTY 6:43pm

   ·Arrive ORD 12:15am


4. Spend the night in Panama 

   Oct 30, 2021

   Copa Airlines Flight CM228

   ·Depart PTY 7:35am

   ·Arrive ORD 1:07pm 

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Cancellation policy

If you cancel on or before July 1, 2021, you will receive a 50% refund. If you cancel after July 1, 2021, there are no refunds​.

Travel insurance

To cover the unexpected, we strongly suggest purchasing vacation travel insurance. Companies such as TravelGuard and Alliance will provide you instant quotes online.

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Included in pricing

✓ Accommodations for 5 nights

✓ Transportation between David Enrique Malek (DAV) and the island resort

✓ All meals, snacks, and beverages at the island resort (vegan and alcohol-free)

Access to the entire 400-acre island including 7 beaches

✓ Use of kayaks and paddleboards

✓ Complimentary Wi-Fi 

Activities such as island hikes, whale watching, and nightly sound baths 

✓ All instruction, lectures, meditations, yoga practices

✓ One hour-long group zoom call in the two weeks prior to the retreat

✓ One 30-minute private follow-up call with Jenny Arrington

✓ 10% off promo code that can be used toward one Rebel Human class series

Not included in pricing

Round-trip airfare to Panama City (PTY) and David Enrique Malek (DAV)

Personal, medical, and trip cancellation insurance

Massage and other Spa Services

Laundry Services

Phone Service