Short mindfulness and meditation practices to help you settle in and get ready to learn. 

Meditation and breathwork practices to build grey matter, cultivate a neutral mind, and take care of your nervous system.

Get up out of your seat, get the blood moving, shift your energy, and clear your mind.

Build a high tolerance for uncertainty, choose courage over comfort, learn to get back up, and to sit with your feelings.

Learn how to identify when the mind and body are stressed, then how to befriend the nervous system, easing the negative effects of stress.

Unlock the meaning behind emotions, and learn how to work with them. What are anger, anxiety, fear, and sadness telling you?

Learn to develop a calm neutral mind, cultivate the beginner’s mindset, and remain in the window of tolerance. Understand your strengths and weaknesses, become aware of your false thinking and implicit biases, and uncover your truth.

Learn impulse control and how to recognize and change habits.

Cultivate your connection to personal power, practice taking action, and get comfortable being your authentic self.

Cultivate compassion, empathy, and respect to foster healthy relationships with self and others.


The Teacher’s Guide includes a description of each video lesson, general discussion questions, and supplemental exercises when applicable. Download by clicking icon.


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Thank you to Giles Gilbert Bartell (Evanston Township High School Class of ’24) for the music at the beginning of our videos. Hear more of his music here.