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Crystal Singing Bowls

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Rebel Human is one of very few distributors in the world of Crystal Tones bowls. These singing bowls are made of the finest pure quartz (99.992%) and fused with rare minerals, gemstones, and metals using a patented technology. 


Singing bowls have been used since at least 560 B.C. to help aid in meditation. When played these instruments produce a rich blend of harmonic overtones that are deeply compelling and help bring about deep relaxation. People often report having transformational realizations and feeling cleansed and renewed as a result of this type of meditation experience.

There are several elements to the sound of singing bowls that make them incredibly suited for meditation and sound healing purposes. Unique is the presence of what are called vocal formants. Understanding what formants are is as simple as singing vowels such as ‘ahh’ or ‘oooh.’ Formants are the elements of sound that makes vowels sound like they do. The bowl or bell shape gives the sound similar characteristics to the human voice. This quality is why they are known as singing bowls. The use of both bells and choirs is a well-known part of many religious and spiritual ceremonies. Studies have also shown that the human mind reacts positively to the sound of singing. One need only picture a mother calming a child with the sound of her voice, or a yogi chanting OM to understand how deeply we react to vowel sounds and singing.

Singing bowls are excellent tools for creating natural binaural beat tones. Scientific studies and a multitude of experiences by practitioners suggest that the use of binaural beats is an effective way to treat anxiety and similar disorders, and to achieve a meditative mental state singing bowls offer a unique advantage over beats created by synthesized tones because the sounds are created acoustically. The sound is natural, more complex, and more pleasant to listen to. Importantly: when two bowls are used, the process of entrainment occurs naturally between the two as they feed back between each other and cause each other to resonate towards a state of equilibrium.

Singing bowls generate not one single note, but several. Musically speaking these are known as the fundamental note (lowest note) and the harmonics. The harmonics generally follow musical intervals, so playing a single bowl has similarities to playing a chord on a piano. What the ‘chord’ might be depends on the construction of each individual bowl. In some cases the harmonics are close enough to each other in pitch that they add a natural vibrato to the sound, following the same principle of interference beating that makes binaural beats possible. Think of a piano player using major or minor chords to make their audience feel different emotions. Another example would be Tibetan monks overtoning so as to create multiple tones with their voices.

The addition of metals or gemstones to the crystal singing bowls adds another dimension to the sound, by dampening or filtering the pure crystal sound. Especially in the case of metals such as gold or platinum, they also add the resonant characteristics of these materials. Consider how a classical composer might use the softer sound of a violin or cello to evoke feelings of nostalgia, or she may employ the more metallic sound of brass instruments to give more energy to the music. The alchemy elements subtly alter the sound for a similar range of effects.

Each of these elements on their own has beneficial effects to human psychology and you can learn to take advantage of all of these elements. Through practice you can learn to emphasize or deemphasize any of the tones that the bowls are able to make. This means that by means of biofeedback, or reacting to how you (or those around you) feel, you can tailor the experience of playing the singing bowls.

Complimenatry Private Consultation

We are happy to schedule a private consultation to help match prospective caretaker with their bowls.We are currently holding these over Zoom or Face Time. It is important to hear the bowls and notice how they make you feel. It is best not to choose them by color, or type, or purpose. You know if a bowl is right for you when you hear it. 

We understand that you may feel driven to pick your bowls based on color and what the minerals, metals, and/or gemstones are said to do for you. However, your body is incredibly wise and it knows what frequency it needs. If you overrule that and pick a bowl that you think is pretty even though you don’t love the way it sounds, you’ll be undermining your growth and not get the same benefits you’d get by allowing the bowls to choose you. 

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