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As we see it, a rebel is not a trouble maker. Instead they are someone who has the strength and clarity of purpose to go against norms in order to bring about constructive change for themselves and the world around them.


They do the hard thing when it's the right thing.

Rebel Human is an educational organization offering classes, immersive retreats, workshops, and one-on-one development sessions that make being human a more authentic, creative, connected, compassionate, healthy, and joy-filled experience.

Our evidence-based offerings are rooted in ancient yogic practices (meditation, mantra, breathwork), neuroscientific research, and creative expression.

Our robust and unique curriculum cuts across multiple disciplines and supports not only an individual's mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing but also the wellbeing of the community and the world around us.

In a culture that demands acceleration, go slow. In a culture designed to distract, pay attention. In a culture intent on isolation, connect. When the norms are cutting us off, numbing us out, and making us sick and sad, be a rebel human.


Jenny has supported and guided me through a time of significant growth and transition. I came to her lost to myself. Through her carefully crafted classes and simple yet powerful messages, I’ve reconnected with my true self, which has empowered me to approach the changing facets of my life with strength, peace, courage, and grace.


Tait is visionary. She is deeply committed to and connected with us, her clients. Keeping our desires for personal growth and care at the heart of her offerings, she seeks to bring us practices grounded in science, spirituality, and ancient wisdom. Her conscious attention to detail creates an environment of peace and beauty that envelops us as we practice.


Jenny and Tait together are light, and I’m so grateful they’ve sparked the same in me.

—  Sarah