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Reclaim Your Time & Attention

Are you tired of Big Tech stealing your time, attention, and data?

Be a part of shaping the future of humane technology.


We’re building an app that redefines smartphone use. It teaches stress management skills, promotes meaningful offline activities, and curbs screen time with innovative, neuroscience-backed tools and minimalist, design-forward aesthetic skins.

Join the movement that puts your well-being first.

Get on the waitlist*

*You may be selected to be the first to try (and shape) our digital minimalism + stress management app.

To be eligible, please answer these questions (takes <1 minute):

Apply here

Have you ever tried to cut down on your social media and/or general phone use?
If yes, were you able to?
What features are you most excited to have? (Select all that apply)
Which of these learning pathways are you most excited about? (Select all that apply)
How much would you pay for this humane technology app (please remember that we believe in paying our great team of scientists, artists, and humane technologists a living wage)?
What's your age?

humane technology


hu·mane tech·nol·o·gy

Empowering, science-backed tools that work for you rather than against you. You control them; they don’t control you.

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Aesthetic Skins

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